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Available Dogs

This page is for adopters, rescues, and sponsors. Dogs currently in our care have (hdr) in their name field. Adopters or sponsors, to inquire about any of these dogs or to sponsor any of these dogs, please email us at and put the dog's name in the subject line.

All other dogs are still at southern orgs and are seeking rescues or adopters. Transport needs to be arranged for those.

Note: there may be more than 1 page of listings below.
Dogs with (hdr) in the name field are in our care seeking adopters
Please note that we do not foster puppies. We prefer adult dogs 1 or more years old. The puppies listed below are for rescues to see dogs in need.

Information for rescues only:
For STAR dogs, contact
For TLC dogs, contact
For M4M dogs/cats, contact
For OBO dogs, contact
For ACWP dogs, contact
For JCAS dogs, contact

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